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Friday, January 19, 2007

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"Ned, do you remember not only seeing my Tampax box in here, but the time I actually let you put one in me?" I asked, hoping that my brother had not forgotten what must have been an unusual event, even for a cool guy in high school and college like him who had been intimate with many girls. "I bet no one else ever let you do that, did they?" I asked, realizing I might not want to hear the answer.

"You may look at me and answer."

"I have something in my bag. I wasn't sure how much alone time I was going to have while I watched the house so I brought something with me. Could you go get it?" she said as with a look of uncertainty.

We lay like that just chatting about a million things before one of us mentioned we ought to get up and have some breakfast. It was damn near lunchtime.

I continued to shop in my short dress and was careful of how I bent down. But I was also waiting to NOT be careful. I finally found my victim. He was pushing a cart while I guess his wife was filling it. You could tell he was busy checking out the women as his wife shopped. It made it almost too easy. When the aisle between us was empty, I left my cart and walked back about 10 feet and squatted to get something from bottom shelf. I watched him, and when he spotted me, I pulled my dress up and spread my legs. His eyes opened wide when he saw my uncovered pussy. I then reached down and rubbed it, then standing, I put my fingers to my lips, winking at him as I walked past him.

“Like before girl. Take it into your mouth. First the head, then the shaft. That’s my good girl.” He guided her head until she was almost gagging on the stench of his cock and the length. He was huge and meaty in size and width and much larger than his son. He pulled her hair and she continually gagged as she took his cock again and again into her soft virgin mouth.

She turned her head back towards the young mans groin and without saying a word she reached out and slowly unbuttoned them. Her hands trembled as she got the button undone and she gently pulled down the zipper. Scott instinctively lifted his hips and his Aunt helped him slide his jeans down to his ankles. Next the boxer shorts he was wearing were pulled down and when Sarah looked back she gasped.

Another car passed. The lights revealed Rachel standing spread, leg pulled up, with Ross' cock buried in her. The group saw her sexy legs and pussy. One breast still exposed. The men cheered and whistled.

This time, she didn't speak. As much as she was enjoying his stroking, she shimmied down his body and licked the fat head of his prick, tonguing the slit and slurping the pre-cum. D'antoine groaned, trying to shove it into her mouth but she teased him, licking up and down his rod and sucking on the head until he was nearly begging for release. She climbed back up and sunk that thick tube of meat into her weeping cunt, moaning as his huge tool tried to split her in half.

Once she got out of the doorway, she began to act like a model. She is strutting down the walkway like it was a runway. As she walked her breasts bobbed and swayed with a mesmerizing rhythm that would entice any man. There is nothing I want more than for that bikini to experience a "wardrobe malfunction" at this moment.

“Have you ever thought of modelling?”

I quickly stood up and aunty started to unbuckle my pants. In a moment she had me stripped down to just my briefs. Since I was already erect and pre cum was leaking for sometime the front was wet and aunty smiled at it. She said, “What have you got inside Raja, it will tear away your briefs if not taken care of. So let your aunty handle this. But first let us go to the bedroom.”

"Oh but you are, Michael. If you want this to be our secret, you are exactly what I want you to be. Do you understand?"

On my way to the next examination room, I buttoned my lab coat to hide the stain on my pants, and I rehearsed my excuse and apology for running so late. I also passed Beth in the hall, smiled at her, and said, "I was very nice to Donna," knowing that she would be very excited to hear all about it. Lori lays back on the bed with her long, tanned legs splayed wide open. Her smooth, clean-shaven pussy was glistening in anticipation of the pounding it was about to receive. She had a hungry look in her eye as she took the bottle of lube off the nightstand and generously slathered it all over the bulbous head and thickly-veined shaft of the 10" dildo.

* * * * *

Gibby nodded and could feel the tears coming.

She uncrossed her legs and bent forward. Her blouse fell open and he could see her breasts. He could even see a bit of nipple just above her bra. She sat up again, her skirt high on her thighs, and he could see enough to know she shaved. It took a moment for him to realize she was holding a paper out to him.

"Oh yeah!"

"This will hurt, but now that the swelling's cooled a bit, it's a hell of a lot easier to do. Ready?" Mandy shrugged.

Jack started to reach his hand to touch David's penis, but Penelope slapped it away. "Uh, uh, uh. I know you girls think you're experts on the subject but we're going to do things my way. First of all, hold your hands behind your back like this." She pulled Jack's arms behind him so that he was holding his elbows in the palms of the opposite hands. "Now stay just like that." She walked over to the vanity and picked up a tube of lipstick. "Put your head up. Good." She applied the bright red lipstick to his lips. "There. I just love to see a pair of red lips wrapped around a big cock." She turned to Kelly and Samantha and said, "Don't you?"

It may be apparent that Madison was going to unnecessary lengths to strike up a rapport with Selena, but he couldn't take any chances… if he got it wrong, the whole house of cards could easily come down – and that would be personally catastrophic for him. Financially serious and, potentially physically risky as well - some of his… associates? Well if Madison chose the wrong girl… He shuddered at the thought of what could happen… If the money wasn't so bloody good he'd have nothing to do with the whole deal, but the money was more than good…

"Oh, you don't get it do ya? She has to work for me or she ain't working at all. That's the rule ya know? My turf, my girls, my whores. Them's the rules."

End of Chapter One Please read Chapter one so you can get the whole story!

"Oh yeah, good thinking, good thinking there."

"The sun rises far too soon this day. So now you must choose."

It was Mom who finally reached back and grabbed my erection. "Fuck me now, Keith, baby. You don't know how much I've dreamed of this since I saw your erect cock when you were just eighteen. I can't believe after ten years I'm finally getting what I desired for so long."

"What are we watching?"

My normal demeanour had gone - I had even undone my shirt and was squeezing hard on my nipples, teasing them, adding a little pain to the pleasure.

"It's okay Stacy. It's only the beginning." I smiled knowing I'd cum home again.

Bridget said, "Don't you cum, though, unless I tell you to."

"So, I was thinking that on your birthday, I would treat you to an entire day of foreplay and we'll see where that leads."

It didn't take us long to pack a couple of bags with what we needed. Andy made me take off my bikini and wear nothing but my summer dress – we had packed warmer clothing for cool night – and opened all but three of the buttons down the front: from navel to mid thigh was hidden beneath the buttons but as for the rest ... My breasts and crotch were covered, but only just, as we walked through the camp towards the steps to the beach. Several sets of male eyes, and one or two female sets, goggled and followed us but Andy made me pull the top closed when we were passing kids. Grannies getting fucked wifes
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